How to Safely Ship to CCA

Complete Guide

First Step

If you have not already, create a submission, then continue to the following steps. (Submit here)

After Completing the submission to CCA you will want to first print the supplied submission form that includes your submission details.

  • If you did not save or print this form it can be found from the account dropdown under "Printable Submission Forms".
  • Second Step

    Package your cards to ensure they do not get damaged while in transit.

    1. Place each individual card in a separate protective sleeve.
    2. Place each individually sleeved card into a separate top loader or card saver.
    3. Matching the submission entry order (first card on top, and so on) stack your cards between firm cardboard. *Max 25 at a time.
    4. Securing the stack of cards with rubber bands is highly recommended.

    Third Step

    Next you will want to ensure your items fit within a firm cardboard box.

    We recommend using bubble wrap, packaging paper, or a similar form of protection within the box you are sending your cards. This will ensure your cards arrive the same way they were sent for grading and authentication.

    Note: Using strong bonded tape, or tamperproof tape is also encouraged.

    Fourth Step

    Ship your order to our following submission location. (Sending with insurance is not required, but highly recommended).


    P.O. Box 1654
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647

    Note: Orders shipped with UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another provider other than USPS will not be accepted and returned to sender.