We Grade.
You Collect.

Over the last 20 years collecting cards has really exploded. CCA was founded for the community of collectors. Inspired by some of the most recognizable companies within the industry. Our standards of grading, authenticating, and preserving your collectible cards match and exceed those offered by industry leaders.

What we do

Authenticate Collectibles

Every submission comes with an in-depth authentication process to verify your collectible items authenticity.

Grade Collectibles

After being authenticated your item will be reviewed for it's overall quality or imperfections and assigned a grade.

Preserve Collectibles

Once your collectibles cards/items have been authenticated and graded they will be sealed for long term preservation.

Cards we Grade & Authenticate‚Äč

Below is a list of cards we currently offer services for. More card types and variations coming soon.

Standard Size Cards

Autographed Cards

Sports Cards

Pokemon Cards

Magic Cards

TCG / Misc Cards

Thick / Jumbo Cards (Coming Soon)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Coming Soon)

Sealed Packs (Coming Soon)

Don’t see the card / type that we have to offer above? Or would like to leave a suggestion or comment, please feel free to contact us.